Ingrid Jensen

Ingrid Jensen is an award-winning Canadian trumpet player from Vancouver, sister of saxophonist, Christine Jensen.

Releases include the albums: "Vernal Fields" (1994), followed by: "Here on Earth" (1997), "Higher Grounds" (1999), "Jam Session Vol. 4" (2002), "Now as Then" (2003), "At Sea" (2005), "Flurry" (2007), "Kind of New with Jason Miles" (2015), "Infinitude with Christine Jensen" (2016), plus 2018's: "Invisible Sounds: For Kenny Wheeler with Steve Treseler".

With her sister Christine, she has released "Collage" (2000), "A Shorter Distance" (2002), "Flurry" (2007), "Treelines" (2010), plus 2013's: "Habitat".

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