Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is a London-based American jazz tenor saxophonist, active since the 1970s.

The vast majority of his recordings have appeared on Concord including "Scott Hamilton Is a Good Wind Who Is Blowing Us No Ill", "No Bass Hit" and "Soft Lights & Sweet Music" (with Gerry Mulligan).

Recent releases include: "The Best Things in Life with Karin Krog", "La Rosita" (both 2016), "The Things We Did Last Summer with Champian Fulton", "Meets the Piano Players", "Triple Treat with Leah Kline, Francesca Tandoi", "Ballads for Audiophiles with Paolo Birro, Alfred Kramer, Aldo Zunino" (all 2017), "Moon Mist" (2018), plus 2019's: "Street of Dreams".

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