Ray Gelato

Ray Gelato

Ray Gelato is a London-based singer, saxophonist and band-leader.

He released his debut album, "Giants of Jive" in 1989, followed by: "Gelato Espresso" (1993), "Gangsters of Swing" (1997), "The Men From Uncle" (1998), "The Full Flavour" (1998), "Live in Italy" (2000), "Smokin" (2002), "Gelato All'italiana" (2003), "Ray Gelato" (2004), "Hey There" (2006), "Ray Gelato Salutes The Great Entertainers" (2008), "Hey Boy! Hey Girl!" (2011), "Wonderful" (2012), "Original Flavours" (2015), "We've Got a World That Swings" (2016), plus 2017's: "The Italian Song Collection".

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