Joe Henry

Joe Henry

Joe Henry is an American singer-songwriter and producer who has been recording since the mid-'80s.

His style is a mix of vaudeville, blues and jazz-pop although he has worked with a variety of musicians and writers including Loudon Wainwright III and Teddy Thompson.

He released his debut album, "Talk of Heaven" in 1986, followed by: "Murder of Crows" (1989), "Shuffletown" (1990), "Short Man's Room" (1992), "Kindness of the World" (1993), "Trampoline" (1996), "Fuse" (1999), "Scar" (2001), "Tiny Voices" (2003), "Civilians" (2007), "Blood from Stars" (2009), "Reverie" (2011), "Invisible Hour" (2014), "Thrum" (2017), plus 2019's: "The Gospel According to Water".

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