The Inconsolables

"The Inconsolables are a sextet comprising a Finnish army refugee, a Manhattan artist's muse, and a juvenile offender from Canada, alongside a British-born bevy of ex-child actors, punks and drunks.

Formed amidst a sea of dirty tea-cups to the strains of Devo and Dick Dale, they've spasticated crowds at Artrocker, Buttoned Down Disco and Casino Royale. Their debut EP I Want To Go To Borneo was released in November 2007 on Jealous Tony, and the band were recently featured in Artrocker/Converse's New Blood. August 2008 sees the group touring to promote their second single Hoverfly."

Band members include Magnus Alanko - drums, Seb Brennan - keyboards, Cam Omoe - bass, Ric Chapman - guitar, Ed Zed - vocals / guitar and Varrick Zed - vocals and keytar.

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