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Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth are a Swedish death metal band formed in 1992, featuring founder members, Johan Hegg - vocals, Ted Lundström - bass and Olavi Mikkonen - guitars, plus long-term member and guitarist, Johan Söderberg and drummer, Jocke Wallgren. The band were originally called "Scum" until 1991.

They released their debut album, "Once Sent from the Golden Hall" in 1998, followed by: "The Avenger" (1999), "The Crusher" (2001), "Versus the World" (2002), "Fate of Norns" (2004), "With Oden on Our Side" (2006), "Twilight of the Thunder God" (2008), "Surtur Rising" (2011), "Deceiver of the Gods" (2013), "Jomsviking" (2016), plus 2019's: "Berserker".

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