Coldcut are Jonathan More and Matt Black's enduring band/ collective formed in 1986.

Key songs include their 1987 debut, ""Say Kids, What Time Is it?", plus "Beats + Pieces", "Doctorin' the House" (featuring Yazz), "Stop This Crazy Thing" (featuring Junior Reid), "People Hold On" (featuring Lisa Stansfield) and "My Telephone".

They released their debut album, "What's That Noise?" in 1989, followed by: "Some Like It Cold" (1990), "Philosophy" (1993), "Let Us Play!" (1997), "Let Us Replay!" (1999), "Cold-Cut-Outs" (2002), "Sound Mirrors" (2006) and 2017's: "Outside the Echo Chamber" (with Adrian Sherwood/ On-U-Sound).

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