Will Downing

Will Downing

Will Downing is an American soul singer perhaps best known for his hit song, "Love Supreme", based on the John Coltrane song of the same name.

He released his debut album, "Will Downing" in 1988, followed by: "Come Together as One" (1989), "A Dream Fulfilled" (1991), "Love's the Place to Be" (1993), "Moods" (1995), "Invitation Only" (1997), "Pleasures of the Night" (1998), "All the Man You Need" (2000), "Sensual Journey" (2002), "Emotions" (2003), "Christmas, Love and You" (2004), "Soul Symphony" (2005), "After Tonight" (2007), "Classique" (2009), "Silver" (2013), "Euphoria" (2014), "Chocolate Drops" (2015), "Black Pearls" (2016), "Soul Survivor" (2017), plus 2018's: "Promise".

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