The Blues Band

British blues-rock band formed in 1979 by Manfred Mann singer and harmonica player Paul Jones, along with singer and slide guitarist Dave Kelly.

The band also features guitarist Tom McGuinness, drummer Rob Townsend and bassist Gary Fletcher.

They released their debut album, "Ready" in 1980, followed by: "The Official Blues Band Bootleg Album" (1980), "Itchy Feet" (1981), "Brand Loyalty" (1982), "Bye-Bye Blues" (1983), "These Kind of Blues" (1986), "Back for More" (1989), "Fat City" (1991), "Homage" (1993), "Wire Less" (1995), "Live at the BBC" (1996), "18 Years Old and Alive" (1996), "Brassed Up" (1999), "The Best of The Blues Band" (1999), "Green Stuff" (2001), "Scratching on my Screen" (2001), "Stepping Out" (2002), "Be My Guest" (2003), "Thank You Brother Ray" (2005), "Few Short Lines" (2011), "The Rooster Crowed" (2018), "Bye Bye Blues Band" (2021), plus 2022's: "So Long".

The 2022 album, "So Long" marked the end of the band's live performances.

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