Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes

US hip hop singer/ musician/ actor - real name Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr.

His key tracks include "Woo Hah! Got You All In Check", "Turn It Up/Fire It Up", "Gimme Some More" and "Touch It".

Album releases include the 1996 debut "The Coming", plus "When Disaster Strikes..." (1997), "E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front" (1998), "Anarchy" (2000), "Genesis" (2001), "It Ain't Safe No More..." (2002), "The Big Bang" (2006), "Back on My B.S." (2009), "Year of the Dragon" (2012) and 2014's "E.L.E.2 (Extinction Level Event 2)".

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