Asian Dub Foundation

Asian Dub Foundation

British electronic, rap and dub band formed in 1993.

Members include Steve Chandra Savale (aka Chandrasonic), Sanjay Gulabbhai Tailor (aka Sun-J), John Pandit (aka Pandit G), Prithpal Rajput (aka Cyber), Aktarv8r, Martin Savale and Al Rumjen.

Key songs include "Buzzin'", "Real Great Britain" and "New Way, New Life".

They released their debut album, "Facts and Fictions" in 1995, followed by: "Rafi's Revenge" (1998), "Community Music" (2000), "Enemy of the Enemy" (2003), "Tank" (2005), "Punkara" (2008), "A History of Now" (2011), "More Signal More Noise" (2015), plus 2020's: "Access Denied".

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