Angie Stone

Angie Stone

Angie Stone is an American R&B singer, songwriter and musician active since 1979 whose songs include the 2002 hit: "Wish I Didn't Miss You".

Earlier work included being a member of The Sequence (on Sugar Hill - "Funk You Up" and "Monster Jam"), a member of Vertical Hold ('90s) and Devox (mid-'90s).

She co-wrote tracks with D'Angelo for his first two albums before releasing her acclaimed debut solo album "Black Diamond" in 1999 and contributing to Guru's "Streetsoul" project.

She released her debut album, "Black Diamond" in 1999, followed by: "Mahogany Soul" (2001), "Stone Love" (2004), "The Art of Love & War" (2007), "Unexpected" (2009), "Rich Girl" (2012), "Dream" (2015), "Covered in Soul" (2016), plus 2019's: "Full Circle".

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