[1958 - 2016] Prince was an influential American singer, songwriter, musician and occasional actor.

His numerous singles have included the early tracks "Soft and Wet", "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and "Dirty Mind", the first commercially successful phase was in the early '80s of "1999", "Little Red Corvette", "When Doves Cry" and "Purple Rain", the next phase in the mid to late '80s of "Paisley Park", "Kiss", "Sign Of The Times" and "Alphabet Street" and the '90s era of "Diamonds and Pearls", "Sexy MF" and "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World".

Late in 2013, Prince formed the band: 3rdeyegirl.

He released his debut album, "For You" in 1978, followed by: "Prince" (1979), "Dirty Mind" (1980), "Controversy" (1981), "1999" (1982), "Purple Rain" (1984), "Around the World in a Day" (1985), "Parade" (1986), "Sign o' the Times" (1987), "Lovesexy" (1988), "Batman" (1989), "Graffiti Bridge" (1990), "Diamonds and Pearls" (1991), "Love Symbol Album" (1992), "The Black Album" (1994), "Come" (1994), "The Gold Experience" (1995), "Emancipation" (1996), "Chaos and Disorder" (1996), "The Truth" (1998), "Crystal Ball" (1998), "Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic" (1999), "The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale" (1999), "The Rainbow Children" (2001), "One Nite Alone..." (2002), "N·E·W·S" (2003), "Xpectation" (2003), "Musicology" (2004), "The Slaughterhouse" (2004), "The Chocolate Invasion" (2004), "3121" (2006), "Planet Earth" (2007), "MPLSound" (2009), "Lotusflow3r" (2009), "20Ten" (2010), "Art Official Age" (2014), "Plectrumelectrum" (2014), "HITnRUN Phase Two" (2015), plus 2015's: "HITnRUN Phase One".

Posthumous album releases include: "Piano and a Microphone" (2018), "Originals" (2019), plus 2021's: "Welcome 2 America".

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