Mantronix are an influential electro-funk band originally from Manhattan, fronted by DJ Kurtis Mantronik (Kurtis el Khaleel) and originally featuring MC Tee.

As a duo, the band released: "Mantronix: The Album" (1985), "Music Madness" (1986) and 1988's: "In Full Effect", with key releases including: "King Of The Beats", "Fresh Is The Word", "Bassline", "Needle To The Groove", "Ladies", "Who Is It?" and "Simple Simon", among others.

Following the departure of MC Tee, the band released two further albums: "This Should Move Ya" in 1990, featuring the band's biggest hit: "Got to Have Your Love" and 1991's: "The Incredible Sound Machine".

The name returned in 2023 with Money Talks, a collab single with rapper Bruse Wane

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