MonoNeon is American bass player from Memphis, Dywane Thomas Jr.

He is known for his presence on YouTube, including videos with Scary Pockets, Ghost-Note and many more.

He released his debut album, "Polyneon" in 2010, followed by: "Johnnie Taylor and John Cage" (2011), "Noise Catharsis" (2011), "Introspection of PolyNeon" (2011), "Down-to-Earth Art" (2012), "Ming Neon" (2012), "MonoNeon" (2012), "Uncle Curtis Answered The Lobster Telephone" (2013), "Southern Visionary" (2013), "John Cage on Soul Train" (2014), "MonoNeon Plays Speech" (2015), "Selfie Quickie" (2015), "A Place Called Fantasy" (2017), "Welcome 2 Whateva The Fyuck" (2017), "Selfie Quickie 2wooo" (2017), "I Don't Care Today (Angels & Demons in Lo-Fi)" (2018), "Living The Best And Worst Life At The Same Damn Time!" (2019), "My Feelings Be Peeling" (2019), "Toxic Wasteland 2 The Hills" (2020), "Basquiat & Skittles Album" (2021), "Supermane" (2021), "Banana Peel on Capitol Hill" (2021), plus 2022's: "Put on Earth for You ".

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