KRS One is an award-winning American rapper - founder of the 80s 'Boogie Down Productions' crew which included the late DJ Scott La Rock.

Key tracks with BDP include "South Bronx", "Stop The Violence" and "My Philosophy" and solo tracks "Sound Of Da Police", "MCs Act Like They Don't Know" and "Men Of Steel".

He released his debut album, "Return of the Boom Bap" in 1993, followed by: "KRS-One" (1995), "I Got Next" (1997), "The Sneak Attack" (2001), "Spiritual Minded" (2002), "Kristyles" (2003), "Keep Right" (2004), "Life" (2006), "Maximum Strength" (2008), "Adventures in Emceein" (2008), "The BDP Album" (2012), "Now Hear This" (2015), plus 2017's: "The World Is Mind".

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