Rhinestone Mondays

Rhinestone Mondays is a romantic comedy by Joe Graham, fired with a classic country soundtrack.

"Join the maverick members of the Warbleswick 'Monday Night All Star Line Dancing Club' as they fight and feud. There is a traitor in the ranks & mutiny on the horizon.

Will Tom & Annie ever get 'In Line' - especially if they take advice from Brian - Warbleswick's answer to Johnny Cash? Then there is Duncan - Shania Twain he is not, but who is going to tell him? Don't even mention Ronald - sorry 'Clint' on Monday nights - who thinks he drives a rig for a Supermarket chain.. If you've ever heard Crazy by Patsy Cline you'll understand why Sophie is driving everyone crazy. Now, if you are getting itchy feet, stand by for Achy Breaky Heart as tempers are frayed in Warbleswick. Perhaps it's time for the last round up - that is if you stop laughing at Warbleswick's very own Grand Ole Opry."

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