Parov Stelar

Parov Stelar

Parov Stellar is Austrian musician and DJ from Linz, Marcus Füreder, who performs with the Parov Stelar Band, as well as DJing worldwide.

Parov Stelar has gained an enormous worldwide following for his unique brand of eclectic swing-tinted electronica, which has seen him release 9 albums in as many years, as well as his tracks appearing on more than 700 compilations (including Buddha Bar, Hotel Costes and beyond).

Inspired by styles and samples from the most varied of genres, combined with modern beats and grooves, his retro-influenced sound is translated into a live set by the musical magicians known as the Parov Stelar Band, who perform one of the most impressive live conversions of electronic music in existence.

He released his debut album, "Shadow Kingdom" in 2001, followed by: "Rough Cuts" (2004), "Seven and Storm" (2005), "Charleston Butterfly" (2006), "Shine" (2007), "Daylight" (2008), "Coco" (2009), "That Swing - Best Of" (2009), "The Paris Swing Box" (2010), "La Fete" (2010), "The Princess" (2012), "The Art of Sampling" (2013), "The Invisible Girl" (2013), "The Demon Diaries" (2015), "Live @ Pukkelpop" (2016), "The Burning Spider" (2017), plus the "Voodoo Sonic Trilogy" (2019 - 2020).

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