Front 242

Influential Belgian ebm/industrial dance quartet formed in 1981 and comprised of Patrick Codenys, Jean-Luc De Meyer, Richard Jonckheere (Richard 23), Daniel Bressanutti.

Their debut release was a single, "Principles" in 1981, followed by numerous key releases such as "U Men", "No Comment", "Headhunter"/"Welcome To Paradise", "Tyranny For You" and "Funkgaddahfi".

They released their debut album, "Geography" in 1982, followed by: "No Comment" (1984), "Official Version" (1987), "Front by Front" (1988), "Tyranny (For You)" (1991), "05:22:09:12 Off" (1993), "06:21:03:11 Up Evil" (1993), plus 2003's: "Pulse".

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