Kenny Garrett

Kenny Garrett

Grammy Award-winning American jazz saxophonist and flautist who found fame in his youth as a member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra and of Miles Davis's band.

He has since pursued a critically acclaimed solo career and joined a supergroup of jazz musicians, the Five Peace Band.

He released his debut album, "Introducing Kenny Garrett" in 1984, followed by: "5 Paddle Wheel" (1988), "Prisoner of Love" (1989), "African Exchange Student" (1990), "Black Hope" (1992), "Triology" (1995), "Stars & Stripes Live" (1995), "Pursuance: The Music of John Coltrane" (1996), "Songbook" (1997), "Simply Said" (1999), "Old Folks" (2001), "Birds of a Feather: A Tribute to Charlie Parker" (2001), "Happy People" (2002), "Standard of Language" (2003), "Beyond the Wall" (2006), "Sketches of MD - Live at the Iridium" (2008), "Seeds from the Underground" (2012), "Pushing the World Away" (2013), plus 2016's: "Do Your Dance!".

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