The Drones [AU]

The Drones are an Australian psychedelic band formed in 1997 by singer/ guitarist Gareth Liddiard and former bass player Rui Pereira.

The band features Gareth on vocals and guitar, Fiona Kitschin - bass/ vocals, Christian Strybosch - drums, Dan Luscombe - guitar and Steve Hesketh - keys.

Albums include their 2002 debut, "Here Come the Lies", plus "Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By" (2005), "The Miller's Daughter" (2005), "Gala Mill" (2006), "Live in Spaceland" (2007), "Havilah" (2008), "A Thousand Mistakes" (2011) and 2013's "I See Seaweed".

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