Joan Armatrading

Joan Armatrading

Award-winning British acoustic pop/soul/soft-rock singer, songwriter and musician who has been recording and performing since the early '70s.

Her most familiar songs include "Love and Affection", "Rosie", "Me Myself I", "Drop the Pilot" and "Wrapped Around Her".

She released her debut album, "Whatever's for Us" in 1972, followed by: "Back to the Night" (1975), "Joan Armatrading" (1976), "Show Some Emotion" (1977), "To the Limit" (1978), "Me Myself I" (1980), "Walk Under Ladders" (1981), "The Key" (1983), "Secret Secrets" (1985), "Sleight of Hand" (1986), "The Shouting Stage" (1988), "Hearts and Flowers" (1990), "Square the Circle" (1992), "What's Inside" (1995), "Lovers Speak" (2003), "Into the Blues" (2007), "This Charming Life" (2010), "Starlight" (2012), "Not Too Far Away" (2018), plus 2021's: "Consequences".

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