Ani DiFranco

New York-based singer/ songwriter, poet and guitarist AKA Angela Maria Difranco whose songs cover political, gender and race issues amongst other themes.

Her albums inclide her self-titled 1990 debut, plus "Not So Soft" (1991), "Imperfectly" (1992), "Puddle Dive" (1993), "Out of Range" (1994), "Not a Pretty Girl" (1995), "Dilate" (1996), "Little Plastic Castle" (1998), "Up Up Up Up Up Up" (1999), "To the Teeth" (1999), "Revelling/Reckoning" (2001), "Evolve" (2003), "Educated Guess" (2004), "Knuckle Down" (2005), "Reprieve" (2006), "Red Letter Year" (2008), "¿Which Side Are You On?" (2012), "Allergic to Water" (2014) and 2017's: "Binary".

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