Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene

Birmingham-based rock and Brit-pop-soul outfit, formed in 1989 and featuring Simon Fowler, Steve Cradock, Oscar Harrison, Dan Sealey and Andy Bennett.

The band's key period was the mid 90s with hits such as "The Riverboat Song", "You've Got It Bad", "Traveller's Tune" and "The Day We Caught The Train".

The band's second album "Moseley Shoals", issued in 1996, has proved to be their most popular and enduring, with other including their 1992 eponymous debut, plus: "Marchin' Already" (1997), "One from the Modern" (1999), "Mechanical Wonder" (2001), "North Atlantic Drift" (2003), "A Hyperactive Workout for the Flying Squad" (2005), "On the Leyline" (2007), "Saturday" (2010), and 2013's: "Painting".

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