Peggy Seeger

Peggy Seeger

American folk singer-songwriter, and performing partner with the late singer Ewan MacColl - half-sister to Pete Seeger. He wrote the song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" for his wife.

Many of Seeger's songs deal with social and women's rights issues.

She released her debut album, "Folksongs of Courting and Complaint" in 1955, followed by: "Animal Folksongs for Children" (1957), "Folksongs and Ballads" (1957), "A Song for You and Me" (1962), "Peggy Alone" (1967), "Penelope Isn't Waiting Anymore" (1977), "Different Therefore Equal" (1979), "The Folkways Years 1955 1992 Songs of Love and Politics" (1992), "Familiar Faces" (1993), "Songs of Love and Politics" (1994), "Love Will Linger On" (1995), "An Odd Collection" (1996), "Classic Peggy Seeger" (1996), "Period Pieces" (1998), "No Spring Chickens" (1998), "Almost Commercially Viable" (2000), "Heading For Home" (2003), "Love Call Me Home" (2005), "Bring Me Home" (2008), "Peggy Seeger Live" (2012), plus 2014's: "Everything Changes".

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