Jim Mullen

Multi award-winning Glaswegian Jazz guitarist who performs in a similar style to the late Wes Montgomery - he has also issued recordings in the duo Morrissey-Mullen with the late Dick Morrissey.

Releases include the albums: "Into The 90's" (1990), plus: "Soundbites" (1993), "Good Times and The Blues" (1993), "Big Blues" (1997), "Burns" (2000), "...but beautiful" (2001), "We Go Back" (2001), "jimjam" (2002), "Rule of Thumb" (2003), "Smokescreen" (2007), "All About the Music" (2007), "Make Believe" (2009), "String Theory" (2012), plus 2014's: "Catch My Drift".

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