Experimetal Electro-Acoustic dance duo, featuring Andy Barlow and Lou Rhodes, formed in 1996 and considered ground-breaking for their mix of electronics and down-tempo beats. They reconvened in 2017 for anniversary shows.

They acheived acclaim for several singles and remixes including "Gorecki", "Cotton Wool" (Fila Brazilia version), "Gabriel", "God Bless" and "Trans Fatty Acid" (Kruder & Dorfmeister mix).

Albums include their debut eponymous album, released in 1996 (later re-released as a "2014 edition"), plus "Fear of Fours" (1999), "What Sound" (2001), "Between Darkness and Wonder" (2003), "5" (2011) "Backspace Unwind" (2014) and 2019's: "The Secret of Letting Go".

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