Progressive-rock band from Birmingham, formed in 1972. The band split in 1995 and reformed in 2001.

Singer, Bob Catley is the only remaining founder member, plus Mark Stanway - keyboards, Al Barrow - bass and Harry James - drums.

Founder member and long-term guitarist, Tony Clarkin died in 2024.

Their most successful era to date has been the early 80s, particularly with the albums "Chase The Dragon" "Vigilante" and "On A Storyteller's Night".

They released their debut album, "Kingdom of Madness" in 1978, followed by: "Magnum II" (1979), "Chase the Dragon" (1982), "The Eleventh Hour" (1983), "On a Storyteller's Night" (1985), "Vigilante" (1986), "Wings of Heaven" (1988), "Goodnight L.A." (1990), "Sleepwalking" (1992), "Keeping the Nite Light Burning" (1993), "Rock Art" (1994), "Breath of Life" (2002), "Brand New Morning" (2004), "Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow" (2007), "Into the Valley of the Moonking" (2009), "The Visitation" (2011), "On the 13th Day" (2012), "Escape from the Shadow Garden" (2014), "Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies" (2016), "The Serpent Rings" (2020), "The Monster Roars" (2022), plus 2024's: "Here Comes the Rain".

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RIP Tony Clarkin
Tony Clarkin, the guitarist and founder member of the band has sadly passed away just days before the band's latest album release. Official statement
48 days ago