Claudia Brücken

Claudia Brücken

German electro-pop/synth-pop performer and singer, previously with Propaganda in the 80s (Suzanne Freytag being the other). She left Propaganda after one studio and one remix album, forming Act with Thomas Leer in 1987 before going solo in the early 90s. In 2004, Claudia and OMD's Paul Humphreys formed the electro duo Onetwo - formed in the ashes of a potential Propaganda reunion in 2004.

Her releases include her 1991 debut solo album "Love: And a Million Other Things", "The Lost Are Found" (2012), plus 2015's "Where Else...", with other notable albums being "Laughter, Tears and Rage" (with Act) and "A Secret Wish"/ "Wishful Thinking" (with Propaganda).

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