The Week Ahead: Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics, Richard Ashcroft, Busted, Father John Misty, The Human League and more

Posted: 3rd May 2016
Also happening from Mon 9th May onwards: Elvis Costello, Pete Doherty, The Proclaimers, Patrick Wolf, Paul Young, Ghostface Killah, Masta Ace, Grandmaster Flash, Hot 8 Brass Band, YAK, Alex Edelman, The Nightingales and more

All prices are exclusive of booking fees. Click on the images for more details and to buy tickets (subject to availability)

This week:

Manic Street Preachers, Editors from 13th to 28th May in London, Swansea, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham and more from £35 to £35.70. Limited tickets available
Stereophonics from 15th May to 16th July in Cambridge and Norwich from £39.50 to £45. Limited tickets available
Richard Ashcroft from 14th to 27th May in London, Glasgow and Manchester from £35. Limited tickets available
Father John Misty from 11th May to 16th July in London, Southampton, Bristol, Nottingham, Gateshead and more from £18.50. Limited tickets available
The Human League 'A Very British Synthesizer Group Tour' on 14th May and 16th December in Uttoxeter from £10 to £45
Foxes from 10th to 15th May in Glasgow, Newcastle from £16
Busted, Emma Blackery 'Pigs Can Fly' from 11th May to 3rd September in London, Belfast, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Liverpool and many more from £35, 37.50 to £45, 37.50. Limited tickets available
Elvis Costello from 10th May to 19th July in London from £45 to £48. Limited tickets available
Peter Doherty from 11th to 27th May in London, Coventry, Manchester, Newcastle from £20 to £26.50. Limited tickets available
The Proclaimers from 13th May to 21st August in Aylesbury, Tunbridge Wells, Dartford, Salisbury, Watford and more from £25 to £32. Limited tickets available
Patrick Wolf from 9th to 15th May in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and more from £16 to £18.50. Limited tickets available
Paul Young from 9th May to 10th December in Lancashire, Bath, Southampton, Leamington Spa and Cardiff from £17.50 to £27.50
Ghostface Killah from 9th to 14th May in London, Brighton, Manchester and Leeds from £11 to £20
Masta Ace on 10th May in London from £15
Grandmaster Flash on 13th May and 19th August in Brighton and Bristol from £19.50 to £20
The Nightingales from 12th to 29th May in London, Newcastle from £6 to £11
King King, Dan Patlansky from 12th May to 29th November in Birmingham, Salisbury, Crawley, Gloucester, Sheffield and more from £20, 10 to £29, 20. Limited tickets available
Hot 8 Brass Band from 13th May to 31st August in London, York, Birmingham, Kendal, Manchester and many more from £10 to £22. Limited tickets available
Scott Matthews from 11th May to 2nd June in London, Manchester, Winchester, Leeds, Bristol and more from £15 to £20. Limited tickets available
Magnum from 11th May to 28th July in London, Leamington Spa, Bristol, Belfast, Glasgow and many more from £20 to £25
YAK from 11th May to 8th June in London, Oxford, Southampton, Leicester, Bristol and more from £8 to £10
Alex Edelman 'Everything Handed to You' from 10th May to 2nd July in London from £20
Grumpy Old Women from 14th May to 17th July in Doncaster, Southport, Runcorn, Shrewsbury, Sussex and more from £24.50 to £29
Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company - Romeo and Juliet from 12th May to 13th August in London. Limited tickets available
Paul Pledger