Melt Banana Melt Banana

Melt Banana

Sunday 1st Sep 2024

location_city Docks Academy/ Institute, Grimsby

Melt Banana

Japanese speedcore and thrash rock act formed of Yasuko Onuki - vocals and Ichirou Agata - guitars and an ever-rotating list of drummers.

As well as their own ferociously-fast compositions, the band have covered songs by The Who, The Damned, The Birthday Party and Devo.

They released their debut album, "Cactuses Come in Flocks" in 1994, followed by: "Speak Squeak Creak" (1994), "Scratch or Stitch" (1995), "Charlie" (1998), "Teeny Shiny" (2000), "Cell-Scape" (2003), "Bambi's Dilemma" (2007), plus 2013's: "Fetch".

Docks Academy/ Institute

Westward Ho
DN34 5AQ