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King Kurt

Saturday 29th Jun 2024

location_city The Hairy Dog, Derby


King Kurt

King Kurt are a psychobilly and punk-rock band formed in the 80s in London who were memorable for their haircuts (a classic fusion of mohican and quiff) as well as their infamously physical gigs at the Klub Foot etc that involved 'The Wheel Of Misfortune' (it involved drinking 'snakebite' through a tube apparently) and food fights.

Key members include: 'The Smeg' - vocals, 'Maggot' - saxophone, Rory Lyons - drums and John Reddington - guitar.

They are well-known for the songs 'Destination Zululand', 'Banana Banana', 'Mack The Knife' and 'Road To Rack N Ruin'.

.... and their best-selling album was called 'Big Cock' - which had a large cockerel on the cover....

Other albums include their 1983 debut, "Ooh Wallah Wallah", plus: "The Last Will & Testicle" (1988), and 1994's: "Poor Man's Dream".

The Hairy Dog

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