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Robin Trower

Thursday 30th May 2024

location_city Glasshouse International Centre, Gateshead


Robin Trower

Catford-born guitarist formerly of Procol Harum who has worked with Jack Bruce from Cream and Bryan Ferry amongst others.

He formed the Robin Trower Band in 1973 and issued the debut album 'Twice Removed From Yesterday' in the same year. That was followed by: "Bridge of Sighs" (1974), "For Earth Below" (1975), "Long Misty Days" (1976), "In City Dreams" (1977), "Caravan to Midnight" (1978), "Victims of the Fury" (1980), "Back It Up" (1983), "Passion" (1987), "Take What You Need" (1988), "In the Line of Fire" (1990), "20th Century Blues" (1994), "Someday Blues" (1997), "Go My Way" (2000), "Living Out of Time" (2003), "Another Days Blues" (2005), "What Lies Beneath" (2009), "The Playful Heart" (2010), "Roots and Branches" (2013), "Something's About To Change" (2014), "Where You Are Going To" (2016), "Time and Emotion" (2017), "Coming Closer to the Day" (2019), plus 2020's: "United State of Mind".

Glasshouse International Centre

St Marys Square
Gateshead Quays
Tyne and Wear


0191 443 4661