Interzone Peter Hook and the Light

Interzone: Peter Hook and the Light

With: Cast, The Farm and Tom Hingley


Saturday 13th Apr 2024

Rescheduled from Saturday 27th May 2023

location_city O2 City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Peter Hook and the Light

Peter Hook and the Light is a band led by British rock bassist, singer, songwriter, DJ, writer, promoter, Peter Hook (AKA Hooky), formed in 2010 and performing Joy Division and New Order catalogue live. Peter Hook was previously in Joy Division and New Order and was a co-founder of the FAC251 venue in Manchester.

His unique bass-playing style can be sampled on recommended releases by Joy Division ("Disorder", "Love Will Tear Us Apart", "Glass" and "Exercise One"), New Order ("Everything's Gone Green", "Ceremony", "Regret" and "Weirdo"), Revenge ("Kiss The Chrome") and a few selected Monaco/Freebass/Hybrid releases.

He released the book "How Not To Run A Nightclub" in 2009 (about the Hacienda), then opened a nightclub/live venue (FAC 251) in 2010.

The band have released live recordings of "Unknown Pleasures", "So This Is Permanence", "Closer", "Movement" and "Power, Corruption, & Lies".

O2 City Hall

Northumberland Rd
Tyne and Wear



0191 261 2606