The Maytals

The Maytals

The Maytals are a Jamaican reggae and ska band formed in 1966 by the the late Frederick "Toots" Hibbert.

Key songs include: '54-46 Was My Number', 'Pressure Drop', 'Monkey Man', 'Sweet and Dandy', Funky Kingston' and 'Bam Bam'.

They released their debut album, "Never Grow Old" in 1964, followed by: "The Sensational Maytals" (1965), "Sweet and Dandy" (1969), "Monkey Man" (1970), "From the Roots" (1970), "Greatest Hits" (1971), "Slatyam Stoot" (1972), "Funky Kingston" (1973), "In the Dark" (1974), "Roots Reggae" (1974), "Reggae Got Soul" (1976), "Toots Presents the Maytals" (1977), "Pass the Pipe" (1979), "Just Like That" (1980), "Knock Out!" (1981), "Recoup" (1997), "Ska Father" (1998), "World Is Turning" (2003), "True Love" (2004), "Light Your Light" (2007), "Flip and Twist" (2010), plus 2020's: "Got to Be Tough".

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