The Dickies

The Dickies

US punk group formed in California in 1977.

One of the earliest punk bands to emerge from the West Coast, The Dickies specialized in fast renditions of classic rock and pop songs including "Nights in White Satin", "Eve of Destruction", "Paranoid" and their hit "Banana Splits", as well as "Fanmail" and "Manny, Moe And Jack".

They released their debut album, "Dawn of the Dickies" in 1979, followed by: "The Incredible Shrinking Dickies" (1979), "Stukas Over Disneyland" (1983), "Second Coming" (1989), "Idjit Savant" (1995), "Dogs from the Hare That Bit Us" (1998), plus 2001's: "All This and Puppet Stew".

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