Beenie Man

Beenie Man

Beenie Man is a Grammy-winning Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer and producer.

Tracks include "Girls Dem Sugar", "Feel It Boy" (w/Janet Jackson) and "King of the Dancehall".

He released his debut album, "The Invincible Beany Man - The 10 Year Old D.J. Wonder" in 1983, followed by: "Cool Cool Rider" (1992), "Dis Unu Fi Hear" (1994), "Defend It" (1994), "Beenie Man Meets Mad Cobra" (1995), "Blessed" (1995), "Maestro" (1996), "Many Moods of Moses" (1997), "Ruff 'N' Tuff" (1999), "Y2K" (1999), "The Doctor" (1999), "Art and Life" (2000), "Youth Quake" (2001), "Tropical Storm" (2002), "The Magnificent" (2002), "Back to Basics" (2004), "Undisputed" (2006), plus 2006's: "Concept of Life".

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