Carl Verheyen

American jazz and rock guitarist who has been a member of Supertramp (1985-86, 1996-2002 and from 2010 onwards) and a solo musician in his own right. He has collaborated with the likes of the Bee Gees and Cher, as well as creating music for the films "The Crow" and "The Usual Suspects".

Album releases include his 1988 debut "No Borders", plus "Garage Sale" (1994), "Slang Justice" (1997), "Slingshot" (1999), "Atlas Overload" (2000), "Solo Guitar Improvisations" (2001), "Real to Reel" (2001), "Six" (2003), "Rumor Mill" (2005), "Take One Step" (2006), "Trading 8s" (2009), "The Road Divides" (2011) and 2013's "Mustang Run".

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