Giant Sand

Giant Sand

Giant Sand are a Garage/ Country-rock band from the US, fronted by acclaimed songwriter Howe Gelb and formed in 1985.

They released their debut album, "Valley of Rain" in 1985, followed by: "Ballad of a Thin Line Man" (1986), "The Love Songs" (1988), "Storm" (1988), "Long Stem Rant" (1989), "Giant Sandwich" (1989), "200" (1990), "Swerve" (1990), "Ramp" (1991), "Center of the Universe" (1992), "Purge & Slouch" (1993), "Stromausfall" (1993), "Glum" (1994), "Backyard Barbecue Broadcast" (1995), "Goods and Services" (1995), "Official Bootleg Series Volume 1: Build Your Own Night It's Easy" (1997), "Official Bootleg Series Volume 2: The Rock Opera Years" (2000), "Chore of Enchantment" (2000), "Official Bootleg Series Volume 3: Unsungglum" (2001), "Infiltration of Dreams" (2002), "Cover Magazine" (2002), "Official Bootleg Series Volume 5: Too Many Spare Parts in the Yard Too Close at Hand" (2003), "Is All Over the Map" (2004), "Provisional Supplement" (2008), "*proVISIONS*" (2008), "Blurry Blue Mountain" (2010), "Tucson: a Country Rock Opera" (2012 as "Giant Giant Sand"), "Heartbreak Pass" (2015), "Return to Tucson" (2016 as "Giant Giant Sand"), "Returns To Valley Of Rain" (2018), plus 2019's: "Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men".

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