MF Doom

MF Doom

MF Doom [1971 - 2020] was a British hip-hop artist who worked with Dangermouse and Madlib amongst others. He had previously formed the rap-group KMD who worked with Def Jam act 3rd Bass.

Apart from MF Doom and Doom material, he has also produced a few tracks by Ghostface Killah on the albums "Fishscale" and "More Fish" and formed the group, Doomstarks, with him in 2011 - their first single, "Victory Laps", appeared in the same year.

He released his debut album, "Operation: Doomsday" in 1999, followed by: "Vaudeville Villain" (2003), "Take Me to Your Leader" (2003), "Mm..Food" (2004), "Venomous Villain" (2004), plus 2009's: "Born Like This".

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