Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier is a French techno and house DJ and producer, active since the mid '80s.

His considerable catalogue of 12" includes "A Bout de Souffle", "For House Music Lovers", "Crispy Bacon", "The Sound of the Big Babou", "The Man with the Red Face" and the album, "Unreasonable Behaviour".

He released his debut album, "Shot in the Dark" in 1994, followed by: "Raw Works (US only compilation)" (1996), "30" (1997), "Early Works (compilation)" (1998), "Unreasonable Behaviour" (2000), "The Cloud Making Machine" (2005), "Retrospective 1994 - 2006 (compilation)" (2006), "Public Outburst" (2007 - live), "Tales of a Kleptomaniac" (2009), "HOME box" (2015), plus 2021's: "De Película".

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