Grant Lee Phillips

Grant Lee Phillips

LA-based singer, songwriter and guitarist who initially formed the bands Shiva Burlesque (late 80s) and Grant Lee Buffalo who achieved critical, though not commercial, success - Bob Mould and Michael Stipe seemed to endorse them anyway. Key song for GLB was "Fuzzy".

He released his debut album, "Ladies' Love Oracle" in 2000, followed by: "Mobilize" (2001), "Virginia Creeper" (2004), "nineteeneighties" (2006, featuring covers of Joy Division, Nick Cave, New Order and Pixies songs), "Strangelet" (2007), "Little Moon" (2009), "Walking in the Green Corn" (2012), "The Narrows" (2016), "Widdershins" (2018), plus 2020's: "Lightning, Show Us Your Stuff".

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