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Sick Of It All

New York-based Hardcore four piece formed in 1986, featuring Lou Koller - vocals, Pete Koller - guitar, backing vocals, Craig Setari - bass, vocals, backing vocals and Armand Majidi - drums.

Their first album appeared in 1989, entitled "Blood Sweat and No Tears", followed by "Just Look Around" (1992), "Scratch the Surface" (1994), "Built to Last" (1997), "Call to Arms" (1999), "Yours Truly" (2000), "Life on the Ropes" (2003), "Death to Tyrants" (2006), "Based on a True Story" (2010), "XXV Nonstop" (2011), "The Last Act of Defiance" (2014), plus 2018's: "Wake the Sleeping Dragon!".

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