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Cliff Richard

Legendary English pop icon aka 'Peter Pan of Pop' or 'Sir Cliff Richard', who's been in the music business for five decades.

His key songs have included "Move It!", "Summer Holiday", "Congratulations", "Devil Woman", "Wired For Sound", "Mistletoe & Wine" and "We Don't Talk Anymore".

He released his debut album, "Cliff Sings" in 1959, followed by: "Me and My Shadows" (1960), "Listen to Cliff!" (1961), "32 Minutes and 17 Seconds" (1962), "When in Spain" (1963), "Cliff Richard" (1965), "Kinda Latin" (1966), "Don't Stop Me Now!" (1967), "Established 1958[B]" (1968), "Sincerely Cliff" (1969), "About That Man[?]" (1970), "The 31st of February Street" (1974), "I'm Nearly Famous" (1976), "Every Face Tells a Story" (1977), "Small Corners[?]" (1978), "Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile" (1979), "I'm No Hero" (1980), "Wired for Sound" (1981), "Now You See Me, Now You Don't[?]" (1982), "Silver" (1983), "The Rock Connection[*]" (1984), "Always Guaranteed" (1987), "Stronger" (1989), "Together with Cliff Richard[*]" (1991), "The Album" (1993), "Songs from Heathcliff" (1995), "Real as I Wanna Be" (1998), "Wanted" (2001), "Cliff at Christmas[*]" (2003), "Something's Goin' On" (2004), "Two's Company - The Duets[*]" (2006), "Love... The Album[*]" (2007), "Reunited - Cliff Richard and The Shadows" (2009), "Bold as Brass" (2010), "Soulicious" (2011), "The Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll Songbook" (2013), "Just... Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll" (2016), plus 2018's: "Rise Up".

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