Linkin Park

Linkin Park

American nu-metal and alternative rock sextet, featuring Mike Shinoda - MC/ vocals/ rhythm guitar/ keyboards, Rob Bourdon - drums/ percussion, Brad Delson - lead guitar, Dave Farrell - bass/ backing vocals and Joe Hahn - turntables/ programming.

Their albums have been highly-successful across the globe, particularly "Minutes To Midnight" in 2007 (reaching number 1 in 9 countries), "Meteora" (number 1 in 8 countries) and 2014's "The Hunting Party" (iTunes number one in 67 countries). They released their seventh studio album, "One More Light" in 2017.

The band were involved in the creation of the i-Phone game, "8-Bit Revolution" in 2009.

Long-term front-man, singer and guitarist Chester Bennington passed away in 2017.

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