Marlena Shaw

[1942 - 2024] Marlena Shaw was an American jazz, blues, and soul singer, perhaps best known for the 1969 song, "California Soul".

She released her debut album, "Out of Different Bags" in 1967, followed by: "The Spice of Life" (1969), "Marlena" (1972), "From the Depths of My Soul" (1973), "Marlena Shaw Live at Montreux" (1974), "Who Is This Bitch, Anyway?" (1975), "Just a Matter of Time" (1976), "Sweet Beginnings" (1977), "Acting Up" (1978), "Take a Bite" (1979), "Let Me in Your Life" (1982), "It Is Love (Recorded Live at Vine St.)" (1987), "Love Is in Flight" (1988), "Dangerous" (1996), "Elemental Soul" (1997), "Live in Tokyo" (2002), plus 2004's: "Lookin' for Love".

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