Arctic - I'm Kingfisher Album Review

Posted: 14th October 2011
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3 out of 5
Release Date:
18th Oct 2010
Playground Music
Mat Radbourne

Album Review

Im Kingfisher is the Swedish solo underground indie folk artist, Thomas Denver Jonsson. Im not at all familiar with him or his work, but Im told this is album number four. He is definitely in the folk bracket, Im hearing a lot of early Neil Young dialogue and twang myself.

The album has a number of atmospheric periods, predominantly acoustic guitars. Above all, it has powerful vocals, distinctive and eerie in parts, which are at their most prominent on Nansen, and I really love the acoustic build up on Deer Theatre.

However by far my two stand out moments are Peacock Colour Song and Feline Funeral, which have a drunken sounding brass section. They obviously are not drunk, well at least I dont know otherwise, but the sound is immense and is the perfect backdrop for both tracks.

On A Continent Lost Jonsson sings a lovely duet with an unnamed female with a Mumford and Sons passion and swagger.

Its a peaceful and once again inoffensive album maybe a bit slow at times for me but a nice one to add to the collection. To be honest it passed me by the first three or four plays but it most certainly adds up after a few listens. As for the list of Swedish imports on the music front, the list continues to grow.

Mat Radbourne