Tell The Worry Dolls - Ady Johnson Album Review

Posted: 8th July 2011
Review Info
3 out of 5
Release Date:
20th Jun 2011
Self released
Sheryl Willis

Album Review

Looking at Ady Johnson you could easily mistake him for being just another indie guitar-playing tyke. Although if that is the conclusion you come to, you have, so to speak, definitely judged this book by its cover, and far too early on. Right from album opener 20,000 miles from home Johnsons deep, husky voice rattles about furiously eager to be heard. Tracks More than skin deep and Jewelly Box show a softer and gentler side to Johnson, with his vocals taking on a much smoother and an easier to listen to approach.

With its violins No scratch from a rose is a beautiful love ballad if ever there was one. Johnson may sound a bit rough around the edges but dont let this fool you, hes as much a sucker for love as the rest of us.

If the sound of Paolo Nutini appeals to you and sends you weak at the knees, which he does for some females (whilst others would question why?), then Johnson could be your new favourite music interest with his not-so-unfamiliar vocal approach. To add to that lets not forget hes young and he can play his instruments (something that cant be said for a lot of musicians today).

Having been hailed as a rising star by 101 Magazine, Johnson has a lot to fulfil with Tell the Worry Dolls. It may not be as massive as some of his fans would like it to be, but it is a good stepping stone to get him there in the future

Sheryl Willis