Keystone Crossing - Will Scott Album Review

Posted: 11th July 2011
Review Info
5 out of 5
Release Date:
12th Sep 2011
Adrian Phillips

Album Review

I have a confession to make; a few bars in to the first track I whipped this out of the cars CD player coz I wasnt in the mood to listen to a country album. This proved to be a BIG mistake, because it meant that I had to wait another 7 days before listening to one of the best country/blues, rock and Americana albums to come out this year.

If Id only waited until 17 seconds on White River Rising for Scotts soulful, Johnny Cash-esq, vocals to kick in then my rashness would never have been exposed. This is a voice that demands attention and the impeccable backing of a band that has played with the likes of Shelby Lynne, Chris Isaak and KD Lang adds mighty kudos.

The production is sparse and pitch perfect and you could imagine the whole piece being recorded in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. Its hard to pick standout tracks as its 33mins of aural pleasure, but the tortured menace of Derry Down, featuring guest vocals by Dayna Kurtz, the lilting Broken Arrow with its ghost-like slide guitar and pounding rocker You Said Youd Take Me To Spain deserve special mention.

Proceedings are rounded off with a wonderful cover of Johnny Shines You Are The One I Love which packs a splendid gospel punch and a great organ sound.

Get your hands on this ASAP and play it all the way through again, again and again. You wont regret it.

Adrian Phillips