Memoirs from the Afterlife - Jim Kroft Single Review

Posted: 13th February 2011
Review Info
4 out of 5
Release Date:
21st Feb 2010
Jackalope Recordings
Paul Pledger

Single Review

British songwriter Jim Kroft actually resides in Berlin at present, yet you wouldnt have guessed whilst listening to the mild eccentricities on display here on this EP. For example, lead-track Memoirs... is straight out of Ray Davies or Ian Broudies song-book, rather than the hardened streets of Europes techno city.

His last release was the album Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, an album we at Allgigs quite liked last year yet where is it now? Cruelly buried with other talented writers? Probably, so heres another pleasing burst of psychedelic pop-music which has been produced by Laura Marlings drummer Matt Ingram and mixed at the aforementioned Davies Konk Studios. Lots of strings, lots of phasing and swirling guitars here and there, but above all a memorable hook yeah, this is what we want.

Backing it all up are two further tracks of varying results Cracked Polaroids is a bit too French ooh-la-la for my liking but its likeable enough, while a remix of Memoirs... (by, or just simply called, Eppy) whiles away a few minutes without adding or taking away a great deal from the original. Overall though, a smartly taken opportunity to shine brightly amongst the bright young British pop-things.

Paul Pledger